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Summit Soft Consulting is a southern California consulting company specializing in Windows Device Driver and FPGA-based peripheral device hardware co-design. 

Whether you need to implement a Windows or embedded device driver for your existing peripheral device or you need to create a custom USB, PCI Express or some other peripheral device from scratch, we have over 20 years of experience, guaranteeing that the job gets done correctly and efficiently.

For a free project estimate, please contact us via the below link. We will work with you to determine the time and cost required for design and implementation of your project. This initial consultation is of course 100% free!

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Device Driver Development
Examples of implemented drivers are Windows WDF Drivers, WDM drivers, USB drivers, NDIS network drivers,  Graphics miniport drivers, printer drivers, Windows CE device drivers, TDI drivers and various Linux/Mac/RTOS drivers. Targeted hardware is commonly PCI Express and USB.

Past device driver projects.
Peripheral Device Engineering
We have the electrical engineering background required to provide a correct hardware and software co-design. We have experience with high-speed board designs, Signal/Power-Integrity Analysis, Digital FPGA design, DDRx Memory Interfacing, Multi-gigabit SERDES interfaces, Embedded microcontrollers etc.

Past peripheral device and embedded projects.
Windows Application Development
We have experience with all industry standard technologies like Windows Forms, C#/VB/.NET, SQL-Server, Visual Studio/C++, and ADO/.NET. We have access to the latest development tools, operating systems, database servers and beta software supplied by Microsoft as part of the MSDN program.  

Past Windows application projects.